The Clutter In Your Bag Hides Opportunity?

Publish Aug 05, 2015 by tatttalk

You know those mini “heart attacks” you experience every time you frantically search for your phone or wallet in your handbag? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of women around the world suffer from this self-induced anxiety every single day. Though your bag may look fabulous on the outside, you’re most likely unaware that the disorganization you’re toting around actually creates stagnant energy on the inside. Let me introduce you to The M Bag. This unprecedented bag will organize your belongings, improve your flow of energy and keep you from being on the verge of completely freaking out in the grocery store, as you hold up the checkout line looking for your credit card. You know, because we all want to be that person, right!?

I had the privilege of speaking with the designer of The M Bag, Madeline Halliday. The innovative designer strategically designed her bags based on the ancient principles of feng shui, because the clutter that plagues the majority of womens’ handbags is actually stagnant energy. As we tote around all of our “essentials,” the chi energy continuously hits the clutter. The problem? The chi energy aspires to flow freely. Halliday has designed The M Bag to be organized and far more functional, which authorizes the chi energy to seamlessly flow and create more opportunities. You read that right, more opportunities! The wallet that we all keep in our bags represents abundance. Whether it be health, joy, peace, happiness, or wealth, a more organized handbag invites an increase in abundance and opportunity. 

Halliday explained that women are plagued with the pressure of looking good on the exterior, without any focus on looking and feeling good on the inside. Her brand encompasses self-love, organization, opportunity, beauty, and peace. It’s all about the flow of energy that enhances the beauty within you and your handbag.  

The TATT team’s broad fashion expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market have dramatically transformed Halliday’s brand. She explained that although she realized she had a phenomenal design idea capable of transforming millions of lives, she struggled to convert her vision and aspirations into a reality. With the help of TATT, all the missing pieces merged and created a stunning, viable product line. The TATT team’s exceptional understanding of all aspects of the branding and fashion business made Halliday’s dreams a reality. Not to mention TATT’s connections to key players in manufacturing, sourcing, and production. TATT’s ability to imagine and devise a branded collection that is new, fresh, unique, and that fills a void in the market, is like no other.

Be on the lookout for The M Bag’s remarkable launch into the market! You heard it here first.

Finding The Artisanal Style For You

Publish Aug 05, 2015 by tatttalk

At The Accessory Think Tank, we continuously strive to find the best resources from our global network to best suit our clients’ needs. The artisans we work alongside have been working with us from the beginning, and add true value and authenticity to our clients’ products. We embody radical transparency with and for our clients and base our efforts around the designer’s goals so the finished product can best reflect who they are and what their product and brand stand for. At TATT we strive to enhance the uniqueness within each concept, and this look definitely exemplifies our approach.

One of the newly trending looks today is one that has an approachable, natural feeling that uniquely exemplifies the beauty in both everyday life and nature. Its organic essence ventures away from the ordinary handbag and jewelry design approach and embraces a more artisanal take on fashion. It’s simple yet sophisticated, and brings a unique essence to products that provide something new and different to its consumers. This style opens the door to new forms of accessories and a distinctive approach to creativity through the use of ancient artisanal techniques. These hand made pieces are seen as high quality and command a more artistically driven customer base. It also employs artisans from around the world and embodies a more caring and sustainable approach to fashion, which is highly commendable.

Maiyet, a luxury fashion brand, creates artisan-made jewelry and employs craftsman from India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, and other regions with rich artisan history. Maiyet also provides specialized training for these workers to create a more sustainable and efficient production technique ( Companies like Maiyet want consumers to realize that many of these artisanal artists are the unsung backbones of countless international fashion brands and are truly vital to their success. In fact, official records claim that India’s artisan industry has created over 7 million jobs in India alone, and has substantially improved India’s social, financial, and environmental standings in the global market ( This shows how companies can show compassion through their work, and ultimately benefit the lives of these artisans while creating beautiful products.

In addition, the artisanal look “lives” the philosophy of radical transparency, an idea that encompasses the procedures and methods that drastically enhance the openness of organizational process and data. This transparency leads to a stronger, more trusting bond between the designers and the people involved in their product chain. Though relationship building involves a lot of time and effort, it is a critical step because it ensures the integrity and loyalty of the people working for you. The openness within your company is also highly valuable to your customers, because they too can trust the company and understand what goes into making the product. The Accessory Think Tank values this trusting relationship, and as a team we are thrilled to continue following these artisanal and radically transparent techniques while working with Andrea.

A Compassionate World Begins With You

Publish Aug 05, 2015 by tatttalk

hough it’s easy to look away and ignore the horrible truth, millions of farm animals are unjustly slaughtered every single day. Farm sanctuary takes a major step towards improving the lives of these animals and puts all of their efforts into rescuing them from this fate. 

arm Sanctuary was created in 1986, and has been fighting the mistreatment of these animals ever since. As the biggest and most successful farm animal rescue and protection organization in the nation, Farm Sanctuary has taken significant strides towards ending animal suffering and violence. They have rescued and taken care of thousands of animals in their New York and California locations and constantly educate people on the effects of factory farming not only on these animals, but also on our health and environment. In addition, Farm Sanctuary contacts law makers and organizations to create institutional reforms that combat animal cruelty among factory farms. Vowing to spread their vegan ways, they treat the rescued animals like friends, not food. Their compassion for the animals and the earth fuels their efforts in hopes of spreading awareness and kind-heartedness to consumers. 

ou may be curious about what this means for fashion, considering the magnitude of leather, fur, and other animal-based materials used in the industry. According to Yahoo News, there is a high consumer demand for sustainable and animal-friendly products, so much so that vegan fashion is becoming popular amongst many designers. Though an appeal of using vegan materials is the potentially lower product and manufacturing costs, it also benefits the industry by making consumers more socially conscious and aware of the products they are using. Designers like Stella McCartney, Matt & Nat, and Big Buddha have embodied the vegan approach to fashion, and have been very successful in doing so. Even big companies like H&M, Macy’s, and Patagonia sell a wide variety of animal-friendly accessories and apparel. These products allow consumers to feel good about what they’re buying, without having to give up fashionable and chic looks. After all, who said fashion can’t be compassion?

A Cut Above The Rest: Camila Mesquita Jewelry

If you haven’t been introduced to Camlia Mesquita’s jewelry, brace yourselves, you will be blown away! Following a 15 year career in graphic design and illustration, Camila spent 6 months at Fenland School of Crafts in South Carolina. While there, she mastered the art of feltmaking, shibori, natural dyes for fiber, cloth, and alternative jewelry fabrication, as well as casting techniques.

Her groundbreaking jewelry line has been in existence for only eight months. However, her designs and craftsmanship are as magnificent as the most seasoned designers. Mesquita’s assortment of both jewelry and textile jewelry is made entirely by hand. A recent discussion with the talented designer revealed that her infatuation with color and texture are the dominating elements that make her designs both distinctive and unparalleled. She also explained that the value of her pieces is in the unique design and use of simple materials. 

Mesquita’s remarkable handcrafted jewelry is completely created from recycled materials. Sourced from some of the most exotic and intriguing places around the world, such as Bali, she is adept at transforming discarded materials into true works of art. Her breathtaking textile jewelry is immensely captivating, as she seamlessly marries metals, yarns, and stones. Eye-catching bursts of color and texture leaves one in a state of both curiosity and awe—a true sight to see. 

In case you needed any more proof that Camila Mesquita is truly brilliant, the designer is expanding her brand to include philanthropy. The designer’s compassion for disenfranchised women has fueled her to connect and share her gifts with women around the world. The selfless designer sees value in the lives of all women, and uses her jewelry line as a vehicle to not only learn and contribute to their lives, but also as an opportunity for everyone to make their own living. Just another reason why we are obsessed with this brand. 

When The Accessory Think Tank and Camila joined forces, the partnership instantly proved to be a match made in heaven. TATT offers product development, branding and marketing, sourcing and manufacturing consulting, and additionally serves as a sales agency for accessory designers. Far more than your average consultant. Camilla had found that it wasn’t enough to have breathtaking pieces, especially with the rise in competition in the market. The Accessory Think Tank ’s consulting was the element that tied together all of her efforts, catapulting her brand on the road to success.

In an effort to expand Mesquita’s following and presence, TATT extensively studied the market and developed a brand message and aesthetic that mapped out a niche for Mesquita to easily tap into. In terms of product development, TATT has been up close and personal with Mesquita’s designs. Both parties have worked diligently together through the product development stages, and as a result, bring jewelry that is fresh and fascinating to the market. Nancy and her gifted team has worked carefully towards strengthening Mesquita’s brand; sophisticated, meaningful, different, and ultimately extraordinary jewelry that excites consumers. 

 Because of this,TATT was able to get Mesquita’s work into the famed Capsule Show in New York City, despite the fact that Mesquita’s 

company is less than a year old. The Accessory Think Tank’s sales team has also received orders from some of the top museum stores in the world for Mesquita’s collections. Talk about moving mountains.

TATT’s hands-on approach has provided Mesquita with vital tools to survive and thrive within fashion’s overcrowded, competetiveenvironment. Navigating the fashion industry to find the right manufacturer, fabric, or laser cutter, for example, is not only imperative, but an expertise that The Accessory Think Tank  provides.

In the words of Tim Gunn, TATT knows how to “make it work!” However they don’t just make it work, they make it work well.

Check out all of Camila’s breathtaking pieces at She will also be participating in the New York Now trade show this August. You won’t want to miss it!

Lexi Ghadamian interview- Alexia Bags

Lexi Ghadamian, the creator of Alexia Bags, discovered her passion for beach bags long after she started her career in the fashion world. In fact, her inspiration began when she was preparing for her honeymoon. Store after store, she kept searching for the perfect bag, but each bag she looked at had limited usability: there were no pockets, no way of protecting her items, and the bags were uncomfortable to carry. It was in this moment that she realized that the beach bag industry was an inspiring opportunity for her, and has been designing beach bags ever since. Unlike the bag she was stuck with for her honeymoon, Alexia Bags focus on meeting the aesthetic and practical needs of the customer. Lexi’s close attention to detail makes her bags beautiful on the outside and the inside, ensuring a beach bag everyone will love. 

ith a degree in textile design (??) from the University of Rhode Island, Lexi was determined to make a name for herself in the fashion world. Even though she hadtremendous design expertise and experience in the jewelry industry, she faced countless obstacles in creating her beach bag.  Her first step into the design involved CAD drawings to visualize her ideas, but she had trouble finding someone to take her to the next step by making samples. Then once she was able to sample a few designs, she realized how expensive the materials were and how difficult it was to source these fabrics. It turned out she didn’t have the contacts she needed to succeed. At this point, she was at a standstill, and had no idea how to move forward. It wasn’t until a close friend introduced her to Nancy Forman, the founder of The Accessory Think Tank, that thingsstarted to look up. 

hough only working with TATT for a few months, Lexi has made significant strides towards her beach bag production and has developed a solid collection with a lot of exciting designs. When asked how TATT has helped her, she replied, “I needed someone to mold my taste and organize my thoughts, and Nancy has definitely helped with that”. Lexi also credits much of her development and production progress to newfound relationships with fabric and product sources she was introduced to in The Accessory Think Tank ’s extensive global sourcing network. We can foresee great success for Alexia Bags and we are excited to continue the journey together!