A Compassionate World Begins With You

Publish Aug 05, 2015 by tatttalk

hough it’s easy to look away and ignore the horrible truth, millions of farm animals are unjustly slaughtered every single day. Farm sanctuary takes a major step towards improving the lives of these animals and puts all of their efforts into rescuing them from this fate. 

arm Sanctuary was created in 1986, and has been fighting the mistreatment of these animals ever since. As the biggest and most successful farm animal rescue and protection organization in the nation, Farm Sanctuary has taken significant strides towards ending animal suffering and violence. They have rescued and taken care of thousands of animals in their New York and California locations and constantly educate people on the effects of factory farming not only on these animals, but also on our health and environment. In addition, Farm Sanctuary contacts law makers and organizations to create institutional reforms that combat animal cruelty among factory farms. Vowing to spread their vegan ways, they treat the rescued animals like friends, not food. Their compassion for the animals and the earth fuels their efforts in hopes of spreading awareness and kind-heartedness to consumers. 

ou may be curious about what this means for fashion, considering the magnitude of leather, fur, and other animal-based materials used in the industry. According to Yahoo News, there is a high consumer demand for sustainable and animal-friendly products, so much so that vegan fashion is becoming popular amongst many designers. Though an appeal of using vegan materials is the potentially lower product and manufacturing costs, it also benefits the industry by making consumers more socially conscious and aware of the products they are using. Designers like Stella McCartney, Matt & Nat, and Big Buddha have embodied the vegan approach to fashion, and have been very successful in doing so. Even big companies like H&M, Macy’s, and Patagonia sell a wide variety of animal-friendly accessories and apparel. These products allow consumers to feel good about what they’re buying, without having to give up fashionable and chic looks. After all, who said fashion can’t be compassion?