A Cut Above The Rest: Camila Mesquita Jewelry

If you haven’t been introduced to Camlia Mesquita’s jewelry, brace yourselves, you will be blown away! Following a 15 year career in graphic design and illustration, Camila spent 6 months at Fenland School of Crafts in South Carolina. While there, she mastered the art of feltmaking, shibori, natural dyes for fiber, cloth, and alternative jewelry fabrication, as well as casting techniques.

Her groundbreaking jewelry line has been in existence for only eight months. However, her designs and craftsmanship are as magnificent as the most seasoned designers. Mesquita’s assortment of both jewelry and textile jewelry is made entirely by hand. A recent discussion with the talented designer revealed that her infatuation with color and texture are the dominating elements that make her designs both distinctive and unparalleled. She also explained that the value of her pieces is in the unique design and use of simple materials. 

Mesquita’s remarkable handcrafted jewelry is completely created from recycled materials. Sourced from some of the most exotic and intriguing places around the world, such as Bali, she is adept at transforming discarded materials into true works of art. Her breathtaking textile jewelry is immensely captivating, as she seamlessly marries metals, yarns, and stones. Eye-catching bursts of color and texture leaves one in a state of both curiosity and awe—a true sight to see. 

In case you needed any more proof that Camila Mesquita is truly brilliant, the designer is expanding her brand to include philanthropy. The designer’s compassion for disenfranchised women has fueled her to connect and share her gifts with women around the world. The selfless designer sees value in the lives of all women, and uses her jewelry line as a vehicle to not only learn and contribute to their lives, but also as an opportunity for everyone to make their own living. Just another reason why we are obsessed with this brand. 

When The Accessory Think Tank and Camila joined forces, the partnership instantly proved to be a match made in heaven. TATT offers product development, branding and marketing, sourcing and manufacturing consulting, and additionally serves as a sales agency for accessory designers. Far more than your average consultant. Camilla had found that it wasn’t enough to have breathtaking pieces, especially with the rise in competition in the market. The Accessory Think Tank ’s consulting was the element that tied together all of her efforts, catapulting her brand on the road to success.

In an effort to expand Mesquita’s following and presence, TATT extensively studied the market and developed a brand message and aesthetic that mapped out a niche for Mesquita to easily tap into. In terms of product development, TATT has been up close and personal with Mesquita’s designs. Both parties have worked diligently together through the product development stages, and as a result, bring jewelry that is fresh and fascinating to the market. Nancy and her gifted team has worked carefully towards strengthening Mesquita’s brand; sophisticated, meaningful, different, and ultimately extraordinary jewelry that excites consumers. 

 Because of this,TATT was able to get Mesquita’s work into the famed Capsule Show in New York City, despite the fact that Mesquita’s 

company is less than a year old. The Accessory Think Tank’s sales team has also received orders from some of the top museum stores in the world for Mesquita’s collections. Talk about moving mountains.

TATT’s hands-on approach has provided Mesquita with vital tools to survive and thrive within fashion’s overcrowded, competetiveenvironment. Navigating the fashion industry to find the right manufacturer, fabric, or laser cutter, for example, is not only imperative, but an expertise that The Accessory Think Tank  provides.

In the words of Tim Gunn, TATT knows how to “make it work!” However they don’t just make it work, they make it work well.

Check out all of Camila’s breathtaking pieces at camilamesquita.com. She will also be participating in the New York Now trade show this August. You won’t want to miss it!