Finding The Artisanal Style For You

Publish Aug 05, 2015 by tatttalk

At The Accessory Think Tank, we continuously strive to find the best resources from our global network to best suit our clients’ needs. The artisans we work alongside have been working with us from the beginning, and add true value and authenticity to our clients’ products. We embody radical transparency with and for our clients and base our efforts around the designer’s goals so the finished product can best reflect who they are and what their product and brand stand for. At TATT we strive to enhance the uniqueness within each concept, and this look definitely exemplifies our approach.

One of the newly trending looks today is one that has an approachable, natural feeling that uniquely exemplifies the beauty in both everyday life and nature. Its organic essence ventures away from the ordinary handbag and jewelry design approach and embraces a more artisanal take on fashion. It’s simple yet sophisticated, and brings a unique essence to products that provide something new and different to its consumers. This style opens the door to new forms of accessories and a distinctive approach to creativity through the use of ancient artisanal techniques. These hand made pieces are seen as high quality and command a more artistically driven customer base. It also employs artisans from around the world and embodies a more caring and sustainable approach to fashion, which is highly commendable.

Maiyet, a luxury fashion brand, creates artisan-made jewelry and employs craftsman from India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, and other regions with rich artisan history. Maiyet also provides specialized training for these workers to create a more sustainable and efficient production technique ( Companies like Maiyet want consumers to realize that many of these artisanal artists are the unsung backbones of countless international fashion brands and are truly vital to their success. In fact, official records claim that India’s artisan industry has created over 7 million jobs in India alone, and has substantially improved India’s social, financial, and environmental standings in the global market ( This shows how companies can show compassion through their work, and ultimately benefit the lives of these artisans while creating beautiful products.

In addition, the artisanal look “lives” the philosophy of radical transparency, an idea that encompasses the procedures and methods that drastically enhance the openness of organizational process and data. This transparency leads to a stronger, more trusting bond between the designers and the people involved in their product chain. Though relationship building involves a lot of time and effort, it is a critical step because it ensures the integrity and loyalty of the people working for you. The openness within your company is also highly valuable to your customers, because they too can trust the company and understand what goes into making the product. The Accessory Think Tank values this trusting relationship, and as a team we are thrilled to continue following these artisanal and radically transparent techniques while working with Andrea.