Lexi Ghadamian interview- Alexia Bags

Lexi Ghadamian, the creator of Alexia Bags, discovered her passion for beach bags long after she started her career in the fashion world. In fact, her inspiration began when she was preparing for her honeymoon. Store after store, she kept searching for the perfect bag, but each bag she looked at had limited usability: there were no pockets, no way of protecting her items, and the bags were uncomfortable to carry. It was in this moment that she realized that the beach bag industry was an inspiring opportunity for her, and has been designing beach bags ever since. Unlike the bag she was stuck with for her honeymoon, Alexia Bags focus on meeting the aesthetic and practical needs of the customer. Lexi’s close attention to detail makes her bags beautiful on the outside and the inside, ensuring a beach bag everyone will love. 

ith a degree in textile design (??) from the University of Rhode Island, Lexi was determined to make a name for herself in the fashion world. Even though she hadtremendous design expertise and experience in the jewelry industry, she faced countless obstacles in creating her beach bag.  Her first step into the design involved CAD drawings to visualize her ideas, but she had trouble finding someone to take her to the next step by making samples. Then once she was able to sample a few designs, she realized how expensive the materials were and how difficult it was to source these fabrics. It turned out she didn’t have the contacts she needed to succeed. At this point, she was at a standstill, and had no idea how to move forward. It wasn’t until a close friend introduced her to Nancy Forman, the founder of The Accessory Think Tank, that thingsstarted to look up. 

hough only working with TATT for a few months, Lexi has made significant strides towards her beach bag production and has developed a solid collection with a lot of exciting designs. When asked how TATT has helped her, she replied, “I needed someone to mold my taste and organize my thoughts, and Nancy has definitely helped with that”. Lexi also credits much of her development and production progress to newfound relationships with fabric and product sources she was introduced to in The Accessory Think Tank ’s extensive global sourcing network. We can foresee great success for Alexia Bags and we are excited to continue the journey together!