The Clutter In Your Bag Hides Opportunity?

Publish Aug 05, 2015 by tatttalk

You know those mini “heart attacks” you experience every time you frantically search for your phone or wallet in your handbag? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of women around the world suffer from this self-induced anxiety every single day. Though your bag may look fabulous on the outside, you’re most likely unaware that the disorganization you’re toting around actually creates stagnant energy on the inside. Let me introduce you to The M Bag. This unprecedented bag will organize your belongings, improve your flow of energy and keep you from being on the verge of completely freaking out in the grocery store, as you hold up the checkout line looking for your credit card. You know, because we all want to be that person, right!?

I had the privilege of speaking with the designer of The M Bag, Madeline Halliday. The innovative designer strategically designed her bags based on the ancient principles of feng shui, because the clutter that plagues the majority of womens’ handbags is actually stagnant energy. As we tote around all of our “essentials,” the chi energy continuously hits the clutter. The problem? The chi energy aspires to flow freely. Halliday has designed The M Bag to be organized and far more functional, which authorizes the chi energy to seamlessly flow and create more opportunities. You read that right, more opportunities! The wallet that we all keep in our bags represents abundance. Whether it be health, joy, peace, happiness, or wealth, a more organized handbag invites an increase in abundance and opportunity. 

Halliday explained that women are plagued with the pressure of looking good on the exterior, without any focus on looking and feeling good on the inside. Her brand encompasses self-love, organization, opportunity, beauty, and peace. It’s all about the flow of energy that enhances the beauty within you and your handbag.  

The TATT team’s broad fashion expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market have dramatically transformed Halliday’s brand. She explained that although she realized she had a phenomenal design idea capable of transforming millions of lives, she struggled to convert her vision and aspirations into a reality. With the help of TATT, all the missing pieces merged and created a stunning, viable product line. The TATT team’s exceptional understanding of all aspects of the branding and fashion business made Halliday’s dreams a reality. Not to mention TATT’s connections to key players in manufacturing, sourcing, and production. TATT’s ability to imagine and devise a branded collection that is new, fresh, unique, and that fills a void in the market, is like no other.

Be on the lookout for The M Bag’s remarkable launch into the market! You heard it here first.