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I have worked with Nancy for over two years and could not have been where I am now without her expertise, resources, and energy. Despite logistical challenge–I lived in Europe for most of that time–Nancy helped me turn a few random handbags into a compelling collection that is now carried in speciality stores in the US and Europe. She played a key role in editing my line to make sure it is appealing to buyers and helped identify reliable sources and affordable contractors. I continue to rely on Nancy’s understanding of the accessory market and trends every time I design a new collection. Her great energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to ‘her designers’ helps me deal with all the daily challenges that come with growing my business.
I have worked with TATT for a long time. They have an incredible eye and talent for creative merchandising and for creating a major buzz about a brand. Their experience, which includes the strongest of relationships, have been with the highest quality department stores, such as Neiman Marcus. They have engineered exclusive designs, creative catalog pages, and internet visibility. They are skilled at creating very special in-store events, choreographing the entire process. Their interface with lead decision makers is above reproach. They have great, fresh, creative ideas; they understand the materials needed for great product; and they have the ability to communicate important and edited feedback to designers, which is essential for the success of an independent design company. They have traveled extensively and understand the different marketplaces, what works for various regions.
TATT is beyond amazing and talented. I have been their longest client and still am working with them today. They are creative, great to work with, hard working, very fair, and come up with ideas for their clients while making sure we are all different and no one is overlapping. They have really helped me grow my business in all its aspects: the actual design; finding unique leathers and hardware; introductions to buyers, vendors, and other designers. Whatever question you have, they are able to answer and direct you to the correct person. They are loyal, unique, and one of a kind.
Nancy is an expert in her field and knows the industry inside and out. She is so well-connected that, if she does not know the answer, she undoubtedly will know someone who does. Her creative mind is such an inspiration, she sees things in ways that help keep our brand fresh and innovative and always ahead of the trends. She has been a key component to growing our business and is such an asset we will never let her go.
Without Nancy, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She has helped put my collections together; she is always looking around for new trends; and she encourages me to personalize the collection and keep it different. I’m so glad I met her. She’s the best.
Working with Nancy and her team has not only been a blessing to my brand, but we have developed a life long friendship/ sisterhood. I’m so just grateful you have no idea... It’s always my deepest pleasure to talk to any of Nancy’s new clients or clients that need to ask questions
— Noha Nadler, Noha Nadler Handbags
TATT has grown our brand by 90% in less than two years. They’ve helped us find and work with sales reps, publicists, and suppliers. In the process, they’ve exceeded every goal set at the beginning of our relationship. They’ve provided support for trade shows and market weeks and have helped us to navigate the murky waters of our first big sale to a major. They tend to be a bit ahead in trends, but that has helped us to stay on top of things and catch important ones early. They have a good eye and always make sure they keep their brands different –no recycling ideas from one client to the next! I don’t believe we would have reached this level this fast without TATT. I do believe Nancy has saved us from some mistakes that we would have made as novices in this area. Those mistakes would have held us back both financially and creatively, taking much longer to reach these sales levels on our own.
TATT and I started working together when I first introduced my leather handbag line. It was a challenging and exciting time for me as my business was growing and the learning curve was steep and unforgiving. They was instrumental in every way imaginable and helped me work through the many challenges that I was facing at once – production, sourcing, trend forecasting, department store relationships, showroom relationships, even shipping issues. Throughout all the challenges that we faced together, they were always composed and professional. They also encouraged me to push my boundaries as a designer and helped me understand how to round out my collections. Even today I still find myself applying principles and engaging in practices that they introduced to me and I am proud to consider them good friends.
I started working with TATT at a time when I needed guidance and direction. I thought, “Make a pretty bag and everyone will buy it.” Ha! The team has shown me there is so much more to it. They have guided me through rounding out my collection, introducing me to key people in PR, sourcing, showrooms, and trend forecasting. In the design area, they have encouraged me to think outside the box. They have great vision when it comes to what will be the hot upcoming trends and are always having conversations with their contacts (friends!) in the majors to find what they are looking for in their stores.
TATT is extremely knowledgeable about both sides of the accessories business, a rare combination. They understand the designer’s world (with insight and experience on issues such as collection development, trend watching, sourcing, and manufacturing) as well as the store’s perspective (with experience in merchandising, pricing, customer demand, and buyer psychology).
TATT has been by my side for over five years. Their taste level is brilliant, their ideas are brilliant, they are the hardest workers.
Nancy Forman and her team at The Accessory Think Tank were integral with helping me create my line of handbags from concept to launch. Together, we created a beautiful, unique and compelling collection that stands apart from other brands. Nancy understood my vision, and brought together an incredible team of people to help bring it to fruition. Nancy’s creative thinking and network of connections throughout the accessory industry led me to the best of the best in both design and execution. Her lifetime of experience makes her privy to extensive understanding of high end retail stores, how they operate and what they look for in a collection. My brand would not be what it is today without Nancy, and I am so grateful every single day for the knowledge I have acquired and the incredible journey this has been.
— Madeline Halliday Founder/Creative Director, The M Bag