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Working with Nancy has been absolutely amazing! She is prompt, highly motivated, and always open to new and unconventional ideas. Her merchandising and branding knowledge is really valuable and nurturing. She is always up to date with the latest industry trends.


Creative Director of Lunaya

I never imagined I would meet someone like Nancy because there is no other professional like Nancy. She see's the value in development and introducing strong brand DNA that fits a miss in the market. For an entrepreneur, beginning can be difficult. A lot of service providers are after funds you need to use responsibly and businesses you are working with don't always understand when a collection is not ready for market. If you have a brand or have an investor and are looking to begin in a serious way, invest in her services first and the reasoning behind your previous disappointments will become clear. If you can develop product and seriously take Nancy's advice that's all you need to make the next steps.


Handbag Designer and Three Time Winner of the Handbag Awards

I had the chance to meet and start working with Nancy after winning the 13th IHDA Award in 2019. Having just one piece of design and being a self-thought designer, Nancy guided me through the development of my first collection, my branding and my marketing strategy. She has it all: flexibility in working with designers at any level, depth knowledge of the accessories market, expert trend forecaster, well-connected to the industry - from the product development, through the production, merchandising to the sales. Positive, open, proactive, loyal, empathic, talented, can-do attitude, dedicated to your success!

Founder of Atribut


“TATT has been by my side for over five years. Their taste level is brilliant, their ideas are brilliant, and they are the hardest workers. If I could give one piece of advice to young people who want to follow their dreams it would be to hire Nancy. Especially today because of social media it’s difficult and complicated. It’s so important to know both parts: the business part and the creative part. The dream takes over but you need to know what you’re doing.”

Founder & Designer at Pono


“I have worked with Nancy for over two years and could not have been where I am now without her expertise, resources, and energy. Despite logistical challenge--I lived in Europe for most of that time--Nancy helped me turn a few random handbags into a compelling collection that is now carried in speciality stores in the US and Europe. She played a key role in editing my line to make sure it is appealing to buyers and helped identify reliable sources and affordable contractors. Her great energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to ‘her designers’ helps me deal with all the daily challenges that come with growing my business."


Owner & Designer at Joanna Maxham

“Nancy is a very creative, organized, intelligent person, and she helped me a lot in the beginning of my business. We worked together for over 2 years. I learned from her how to put together a collection, how to look for new opportunities and how to show my jewelry at a tradeshow in a more effective way. She brought my business to a different level.”

Owner at Marcia Moran


"Nancy Forman has a keen eye to detail and understands the fashion market like no other. Not only is she a reliable, kind, and energetic woman, but she is very passionate about her career. Nancy Forman and her team at TATT, are like my family. Nancy's dedication to my success is very important to me. I have never met someone as kind, thoughtful and devoted as Nancy Forman."

Owner at Noha Nadler


"It's not often that someone possesses the unique combination of talents; Nancy is a big-picture conceptualizer and a remarkable creative consultant/brand strategist, capable of identifying important details necessary for the growth and success of a brand. As a designer, I have benefited greatly by Nancy's guidance, industry knowledge and her vast network of manufacturing partners and suppliers. Her passion for the ever-changing fashion industry is truly inspiring -- and it's been a pleasure watching her brands, of all stages of development evolve to the next level."

Designer & Founder at de Groot Fashion Brand


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